Lost Article Recovery | KP Horary Analysis

This is from my personal case study where I have used powerful technique of KP Horary Astrology to find out when will I receive or get back my lost watch.

Horary No: 220.
Date: 17 Nov 2020.
Time: 7:01 PM.
Place: Kolkata
Question: When will I get back my lost watch?
Please Note: KP Horary chart is attached at the button of this article.

KP Horary Astrology Rule for Lost Article Recovery:
If 2nd cuspal sub-lord is the significator of 2 (moveable article), 6 (loss of opponent) and
11 (gain), then during the joint period of significators of 2,6,11 article is regained.

On the horary chart-:
2nd cuspal sub-lord Jupiter is posited in 11 and owns houses 2 and 11. Jupiter is in the star
of Sun posited in 9 and owns 7 house. Jupiter’s sub-lord is Rahu posited in 4. Rahu is in
sign of Venus posited in 8, and owns houses 4 and 9. No planet is in the stars of Venus and
Venus is the cuspal sublord of 9.
So Jupiter is connected to houses 2 and 11 and does not signify 1 or 5 or 10 (12th house of
2,6,11). So getting back my lost watch is promised.

6 Ruling planets at the time of judgement (Date: 17 Nov 2020. Time: 7:01 PM. Place: Kolkata) -:
Sign Star Sub-lord
Ascendant: Mercury Mars Venus (Rahu)
Moon: Jupiter Ketu Moon
Day lord: Mars

6-Fold Significators – House View

H No A B C D E F
2       Ra, Ke Su Ju
6       Mo   Mo
11 Sa, Ra, Ke Su Ju, Sa Ra, Ke Su Ju

Common from the ruling planets and 6 fold significators are-:
Rahu, Jupiter, Ketu, Moon.

On the date and time of judgement I was running Ketu dasha, Moon bhukti, Jupiter antara,
Moon sookshma. All these four planets are common planets. So every way getting back my
lost watch is promised.
Result: After 30 mins I called again, this time the person informed me that he has found the
watch. Next day that is on 18th Nov 2020 I went and collected my watch.

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