KP Astrology Course

If you are looking for KP Astrology Course then you have come the right place. Hundreds of students have attended our online course and is now working as a professional astrologer.

What is Astrology?

Astrology is the study of the influence of the movements of stars and planets upon the lives of human beings. The movements of these bodies outside the Earth directly relate to the traits and personalities of human beings. Therefore, individuals use this knowledge to make decisions related to their life and future. 

Astrology has been in practice for ages and is still very common in our culture. You might have heard about KP Astrology in your social circle or somewhere on digital media. Have you ever developed a passion to learn this amazing aspect that influences our lives to a great extent? If yes, then this article will highlight some of the key features of this astrology. 


KP Astrology — An Overview

KP Astrology and typical Astrology should not be confused with each other. Both are different in various aspects. KP Astrology, titled as Krishnamurti Paddhati, is one of the easiest and most accurate types of Hindu Astrology. 

KP Astrology comprises the study of stars or Nakshatras to predict the events and their timings. This Astrology depends upon Stars and their Sub-lords. This Astrology is an extension of Vedic Astrology, but with better accuracy. The use of stars in KP Astrology has no utilization in Vedic Astrology. The principles defined for KP Astrology surround the concepts of Sub-lords and Ruling Planets. 

KP Astro Offers the Finest Learning Platform 

There are countless benefits to learning KP Astrology. All you need is the assistance of the right instructor and the right platform to start your learning right away. Here are some of the prime benefits of this study:

Predictions are Accurate 

This is the best part about KP Astrology. It contains one of the most accurate measures and principles to predict the probability of an event and its occurrence. Most people are doubtful about the accuracy of Astrology. Choosing this field would ensure that you are learning the finest types of Hindu Astrology.

Multiple Career Opportunities are Available 

You don’t need to worry about the availability of career paths after completing the course of KP Astrology. Firstly, you can become an Astrologer or KP Jyotish and start your freelance work. Then there are various media outlets that hire such Astrologers to write Astrology content for them. You can offer consultancy to the people who seek the assistance of Astrologers for their life decisions. KP Astro brings you the best Astrology course that teaches Astrology from scratch. 


KP Astrology has a lot of potential to be your next career. Join the best KP Astrology classes of KP Astrology and learn all the details from experienced KP Astrologer Sayantan Biswas. This course includes 36 classes for both online and offline learning. You can learn from the best Astrology institute with just 30,000 and start your career as a professional Astrologer helping a wide range of individuals in making better life decisions. 

Topics Covered In Our Professional Course

  •  Basics of Astrology
  • 4 and 6 step significators.
  • Ruling planets and there application
  • Birth Chart analysis.
  • Birth time rectification
  • Muhurat (Auspicious time finder)
  • Theory of short prediction (TSP).
  • Horoscope (relationships) matching.
  • Horary.
  • Astro Vastu.
  • Gems stone course.

Total 36 classes of 1 to 1.5 hour per class. 1:1 both online or offline learning. Certificates will be provided at the end of course from our Govt. registered institute. 

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