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Are you looking for the best daily horoscope apps? How about getting Indian astrology app by expert astrologists? With this amazing Vedic astrologer app, you can not only see the insights and daily horoscope for your zodiac signs but also get other useful features like tarot cards reading, love compatibility testing and Vastu calculator. Sign up as an astrology free user to get daily horoscope prediction, love compatibility, tarot cards reading and more. On top of that, you can also request astrology consultation and also get a personalized horoscope. The Indian Astrology app offers various services like horoscope prediction, horoscope matching, Vastu calculator and visit, Muhurat prediction and Learn Astrology. You can also request personalized horoscope to see what type of job, partner or dates will favor you the most.

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Reliable Indian Astrology Free App

Explore top picks from Indian astrology services and avail all services as an astrology free app user. Read horoscope prediction for all zodiac signs and take benefit from all other useful features like Vedic astrologer advice and Vastu calculator. As one of the best daily horoscope apps, this astrology free app is easy to use.

 Instant Horoscope Prediction and Readings

Get horoscope prediction and personalized horoscope advice for all zodiac signs in a matter of minutes only. Whether you want to see which direction you shall take in your life or need expert Vedic astrologer advice, this astrology consultation app is a great pick for you!

 Vastu Calculator and Vedic Astrologer

If you need help in your house or business matters, our Vastu calculator will help you make the right decision. Our Vastu experts can also visit your location and make sound predictions based on their findings and calculations.

 Tarot Cards and Love Compatibility Reading

Get tarot cards and love compatibility reading everyday on this Indian astrology app. Simply request a reading and get it instantly! Pro Astro is designed to provide users with the best free predictions as well as connecting them with the best astrologers for paid premium astrology consultation.

Top features of Pro Astro – Indian Horoscope and Astrology App

1. Vedic Astrologer horoscope charts and predictions.

2. Personalized horoscope prediction for all zodiac signs

3. Horoscope with matching or love compatibility checker.

4. Instant tarot cards readings for all users daily.

5. Vastu Calculator analysis for both home and commercial property.

6. Daily horoscope based on sun and moon sign.

7. Simple and easy to use daily horoscope apps UI/UX

8. Find the best of Indian Astrology Services and Benefits.

9. Request astrology consultation from Vedic Astrologer.

10. Astrology free app to get horoscope prediction, Muhurat and more services.


Our Astrologer Team is:

  Verified and authentic Vedic Astrologer members.

🌓 More than 7 years of experience in the field of Indian astrology.

🔐 All conversations for astrology consultation (calls / email / chats) with astrologers are private and 100% confidential.


How to use Astrology Free App?

We require full date of birth, time of birth and place of birth from you in order to give correct astrological predictions.
You can hire Our Vastu calculator experts who will visit your home or office for Vastu corrections and guidance. Currently we are serving only in and around Kolkata, West Bengal and planning to launch all over India.
Download and use Pro Astro – Indian Horoscope and Astrology today!

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