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  • Chamber Visit

  • best horary astrologer
  • Learn KP Astrology

    Learn authentic KP Astrology from our renowned KP Astrologer Mr. Sayantan Biswas. Three months course. Three days a week class. 1:1 basis which means no other student will be present in class. Certificates will be provided at the end of course.

    Courses include-:
    Total 36 classes of 1 to 1.5 hour per class. 1:1 both online or offline learning.


    • Basics of Astrology
    • 4 and 6 step significators.
    • Ruling planets and there application
    • Birth Chart analysis.
    • Birth time rectification
    • Muhurat (Auspicious time finder)
    • Theory of short prediction (TSP).
    • Horoscope (relationships) matching.
    • Horary.
    • Astro Vastu.
    • Gems stone course.
  • Vastu Consultation

    Vastu Visit

    Our renowned Vastu expert Mr. Sayantan Biswas (KP Vastu Visharad) will personally visit your office or resident where you want to do your Vastu analysis.

    By changing simple placements of existing objects in your office or residence you can bring out positivity and luck according to hindu text book “Vastu Vidya”.

    This service is only for office or resident in and around KOLKATA.